Advantages and disadvantages of dwarf apple cultivation

1-Labour is reduced and facilitated in pruning. However; it requires more care and knowledge. Otherwise; significant losses will be suffered.
2-Investment costs are high in early years. However; such costs are amortized in early years with early fruit bearing.
3-Well-pollenated due to high density plantation. Therefore; regular crop is obtained annually.
4-Since yield is obtained and profit is made immediately after plantation; new types and varieties that can adapt to changing market demands may be cultivated
5-Since pest control, thinning and harvest is made on-site; production cost is reduced and labour saving is made.
6-Since shading is eliminated in addition to abundant yield and high quality of fruits; a good and uniform colouring is achieved.
7-It requires more knowledge and experience in all fields of cultivation (pruning, irrigation, fertilizing etc.)