Royal Beaut Proselect

It was found as a consequence of hybridization of Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious in New Zealand in 1960. Fruit flesh is yellowish, watery and hard. The fruit has red as top colour on yellow background. It grows strength; and expands towards ground when branches are open wide. It has an easy-to-manage tree structure. When dwarf trees are used, its growth can be controlled. It has continuous and high crop productivity. It is medium-vulnerable to fire blight disease and blackspot bruising. Ideal fruit is obtained by thinning. It has varieties such as Mondial Gala, Galaxy Gala, Royal Gala and Ruby Gala. It is a diploid variety and a good pollinator. It is self-compatible. Moreover; it is pollinated by Idared, Fuji, El Star, Breaburn and Granny Smith. It is harvested towards mid-June in early-yielding regions; and until mid-August in other regions.