It is a cherry of Czech Republic origin. It is known as Attika in the USA. It is bigger and harder than Bing which is the most important exported cherry of the USA. Its trees are erect and semi-broad. They grow strong when young and become rounder as they age. It may be a pollinator for Regina, Karina or 0900 Ziraat due to its late blossoming. Fruit is good-sized and heart shaped. Fruit flesh is very hard textured; crimson and pink striped. It is harvested 4-5 days after 0900 Ziraat. Its rind is crimson. It is pollinated by Bigarreaugaucher, Regina, Karina, Lapins, Metron Late, Montmorency, Noble and Stella. It is a productive variety. Its balance of slightly flavoured, delicious sugar and acid is good. When planted with Regina, Kordia and Karina; a very productive garden with exporting capability is established.