It is rehabilitated in Canada. Its trees grow medium-strong. It displays broad habitus. It blossoms in middle and mid-late period. It is early-yielding. Its fruit is good-sized; spherical, slightly heart-shaped and medium-vulnerable to cracking. Fruit’s surface colour is slightly pale; and the top colour is bright red. Fruit flesh is semi-hard or hard; red; watery, good-tasting and flavoured. Its stone is quite small and attached to the fruit flesh. It should be taken into consideration in planning that it is very early-yielding. It ripens 18-20 days after Burlat.
It bears fruit yield regularly. Its fruit is very good-sized; weighing 11-11.5gr; in red-orange colour and dotted. Fruit flesh is pink, watery and delicious.
It is a self-compatible variety.
It reaches to harvest ripeness in the 2nd week of June.